2021-22 Summer Assignments


All students in rising grades K-8 have summer reading and academic assignments and review, most of which are required. These assignments are important to reinforce skills and prepare students for the next grade. Required assignments will be assigned a grade and must be turned in during the first week of school.

*Please note: IXL sometimes changes the assignment numbers (ex: A1, C3, etc.) Please make sure the assignment titles match.*


Suggested Reading List

1st Grade

Rising 1st Grade Summer Packet

Suggested Reading List

2nd Grade

Rising 2nd Grade Summer Packet

Suggested Reading List

3rd Grade

Rising 3rd Grade Summer Packet

Rising 3rd Grade Reading List

4th Grade

Rising 4th Grade Math Assignments

Rising 4th Grade Reading List-for-2021

5th Grade

Rising 5th Grade Math Assignments

Rising 5th Grade Reading List

Middle School

Rising 6th Grade Math IXL

Rising 7th IXL

Pre-Algebra IXL

Algebra Assignments

Geometry IXL

Summer Reading Assignments 6th-8th Grades