Volunteering / Virtus

For the safety and protection of our students, any adult volunteer who has substantial contact with our students must complete a Diocesan background check and attend a four hour VIRTUS training session on child safety and child abuse prevention.

Generally, a closed event (such as classroom activities including acting as an aid in a school setting or assisting at a school/class party, in addition to field trips and most cafeteria lunch participation opportunities, etc.) which is not entirely open to the general public, may be regularly scheduled/somewhat continuous and does require full compliance for adult parent volunteers.

If you have completed VIRTUS training through another Diocese, only the class can be transferred. You will still need to complete the paperwork for a background check with the Arlington Diocese. The credit for the VIRTUS class can be transferred by the family by calling the VIRTUS helpdesk at 1-888-847-8870. Paperwork and background checks do not transfer for legal purposes.

To register for a VIRTUS class (they are offered in English AND Spanish), click on the VIRTUS Class Registration link below, choose registration on the left and then choose the Arlington Diocese. Please note that for the class, if you arrive late or bring children, you will not be permitted to attend the class.

 VIRTUS Class Registration

Click on the link below to go to the OPCYP site to download the necessary forms. All forms are to be returned to Ms. Azalea Vargas in the main office.


Complete ALL information and be sure to supply the number of years requested for the various forms. Do not leave any field blank.