School Uniforms

This page allows parents to get quick access to some common school policies. For more detailed information and all school policies, please read the parent/student handbook.

  1. Dress Code for Grades K-8
  2. Uniforms K-8



The dress code provides a standard for our students, which fosters an environment conducive to learning and respectful behavior.

Final decisions regarding the school uniform rest with the principal/administration.

Students are required to maintain a neat and clean appearance. The guidelines are:


  • Hair should be clean and neatly styled.
  • Length of boys’ hair must be above the collar in the back, not cover the ears on the side and not cover the eyes.
  • No dyed, bleached or otherwise altered hair color permitted. Only natural hair color is permitted. If hair color has been altered, it must go back to the natural color before the student returns to school.
  • Fad haircuts are not acceptable.
  • Girls may wear clips and thin hair bands that keep hair in place, but hairpieces are not allowed.
  • Long hair must be off the face and not interfere with vision.  No distracting hairpieces such as feathers, large flowers, etc. are permitted.
  • Caps and hats are not to be worn at any time with the exception of outdoor recess. Bandannas are prohibited at all times.

Make-up and Nail Polish

  • No make-up or colored fingernail polish is permitted.
  • Clear polish is permitted.
  • Girls are not to wear artificial nails or French nails/tips.


  • Students may wear a watch and one religious medal inside of the blouse/shirt.
  • Girls may wear one pair of small, post earrings with one earring in the lobe of each ear. No hoop earrings are allowed.
  • Jewelry is not permitted, such as necklaces (except for one religious medal), chokers, rings (of any form and on any body part), tattoos, bracelets (including religious or rubber “support” bracelets) or ankle bracelets.

The administration is ultimately responsible for the environment of the school; therefore, parents and students must understand that the administration reserves the right to make judgments about inappropriate dress, behavior, etc. in order to maintain this environment.

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St. Anthony of Padua School has a long history of a school uniform both as a source of tradition and pride. We embrace the benefits of school uniforms for the following reasons:

  • Simplifies dressing and dress code
  • Reduces peer pressure and social stigmas
  • Encourages distinctions of character and personality instead of appearance
  • Places emphasis on learning, not clothing
  • Equalizes economic diversity
  • Facilitates security by identifying outsiders
  • Enhances school spirit

St. Anthony of Padua School uniforms may be ordered from Flynn and O’Hara, location and contact information follow.

Flynn and O’Hara
Fair City Mall
9650 Main Street Unit 20
Fairfax, VA 22031
(703) 503-5966

FlynnO’Hara Site for St. Anthony School Uniforms


FlynnOHara Uniform Guide (Pictures of Uniform Pieces by Grade)


2018-2019 Price List

Homeroom teachers conduct a uniform check each morning to ensure that all students are in the correct uniform. In the event that the attire does not meet the above criteria, the student will be sent to the office to call their parent/guardian. The parent/guardian will be asked to bring a proper change of clothing to the school for the student to change into prior to admission to class. Each grade will have a designated day of the week (middle school, it will be two days a week) for PE and students must wear their PE uniform on that day.


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