This page allows parents to get quick access to some common school policies. For more detailed information and all school policies, please read the parent/student handbook.

  1. Inclement Weather
  2. School Uniforms
  3. Parent Student Handbooks
  4. School Car Line Procedures
  5. School Snack Policy


St. Anthony School follows Fairfax County School policy decisions on inclement weather, including closings, delayed openings, early closings and cancellation of after school and evening activities. All decisions on closings and delayed openings are made by 6:00 AM. For early closings, Fairfax County generally makes a decision between 10-11 AM. In the event of inclement weather, it is the parent’s responsibility to listen to the radio or TV stations for Fairfax County announcements concerning late openings and early closings. WTOP News is available at 103.5 FM, 103.9 FM, 107.7 FM, and online at www.wtop.com.

Below is a chart for the various scenarios for inclement weather. Please read the policy carefully.  Our school makes separate decisions for extreme cold weather (below zero) closures not related to traffic and road conditions but due to the temperature only.

When possible, the information will also be posted on the school website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites as soon as possible, but please rely on local TV or radio stations that report on FCPS closings and delays.  Due to technical difficulties, updates may not be possible on social media or the school website.  You can also sign up for Fairfax County Schools’ emergency notifications on the link below for inclement weather notifications.

 Fairfax County Schools Emergency Announcements Link

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Visit the UNIFORM page under CURRENT FAMILIES for detailed information on school uniforms and dress code, School Uniforms.

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St. Anthony School has generated parent/student handbook to document Diocesan and school-specific policies that students and parents are expected to follow. In an effort to be green, our parent/student handbooks are only posted online. Please note that handbooks have changes every year in many areas.

Below are the handbook agreement form and handbook.

2018-19 Parent Student Handbook Link

Elementary Campus Handbook Agreement Form Link

All parents are required by the Diocese to read the parent/student handbook and sign an acknowledgment form.

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For the safety of the students, parents are asked to follow the morning and afternoon car line procedures. Faculty will be outside directing cars and drivers should follow the directions of the faculty at all times. Below are the detailed instructions along with diagrams.

Car Line Arrival and Dismissal Procedures Link

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Below is the policy for school snacks.  This includes birthday treats, class parties, etc.  A downloadable version of this policy is available on this link, click here.

Daily Snacks-For the safety of the students, parents are asked to follow the morning and afternoon car line procedures. Faculty will be outside directing cars and drivers should follow the directions of the faculty at all times. Below are the detailed instructions along with diagrams.

We are committed to providing a safe learning environment for all of our students. Included in this is the protection of students with allergies that span the spectrum, from slight to severe, life-threatening reactions. It is recommended that all food to be shared with other students should be commercially prepared, prepackaged, unopened and, when possible, individually wrapped. In addition to this, we ask that any snacks to be shared are nut-free. Homemade foods are not permitted as we cannot guarantee cross-contamination won’t occur.

Any food from home should not require refrigeration or any special care. All food should be properly wrapped. Since there are students that have special diets to prevent allergic reactions, we ask that students do not share any food.

Birthday/Holiday Snacks-St. Anthony recognizes that it is important to celebrate the students’ birthdays, but we ask that parents follow the following guidelines to ensure a safe and fun celebration can be had by all. Birthdays will be celebrated according to the teacher’s schedule and judgment of the office.

A snack may be brought for a birthday, using the following guidelines:

  • The date is cleared with the student’s teacher no less than 2 days in advance.
    • Notification is needed to notify parents of those students with allergies
    • If notice is not given we will save the treat for the next school day.
  • Teachers will have a list of all the allergies in the classroom. Please ask for this.
    • We ask that if there are severe or extensive allergies for a child or children in your child’s class, bringing something that the child with the allergies can have.
  • No candles or anything that requires cutting of any kind is permitted.
  • Do not send a cake.
  • No soft drinks or juices. We ask that you keep it to water or milk.
  • No items may be brought in that contain nut products.
    • Please check all labels on store-bought items for nuts, or traces of nuts.
    • Some items, including certain brands of popsicles, will say ‘made in a facility that uses nuts.’ Read the labels carefully.
  • All items must be labeled with the student’s name and date.
  • The nurse must check all birthday and holiday snacks before being sent to the classroom.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping our students safe. If you need any ideas or have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

 Katie Nowakowski, RN, BSN