Nurse’s Corner

Below are some reminders for parents on important topics. All medical forms can be found on the Medical Forms page.

Elevator Usage





  • For the safety of your child, the Diocese requires that ALL medication be brought to the Clinic by parents.
  • Prescription medication must be labeled with the child’s name, the name of the medication, and dosage.
  • Any medication given more than FOUR consecutive days must have a doctor’s signature to administer at school.
  • All over-the-counter and prescription medication must be in the original container.
  • A completed medication form must accompany all medicines.
  • No medication will be given to your child unless this form is complete.
  • Inhalers must be brought to the Clinic.  The child will have access to it when he/she needs it.
  • If the child needs the inhaler with him/her at all times, we ask that you fill out a form, notify the Clinic and your child’s teacher.

The nurse would also like the child to come to the clinic for observation after using the inhaler. A doctor’s note stating it is necessary to carry the inhaler with them is also required.

  • All medications must be in their original containers.
    • Ask for a field trip bottle from your pharmacist for me to fill for field trips as a single dose.

Below is a letter that is sent home to all families on the first day of school along with the Diocesan Permission for Emergency Care and Confidential Health History Forms. the two medical forms must be returned the next day.

Diocesan Permission for Emergency Care



Please check your child before he/she leaves for school in the morning.  If he/she has a fever, productive cough, or any visible signs of an illness that could infect other children, it is school policy for you to provide care for them at home.  If he/she has been ill, we remind you that he/she must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. This includes sports, extracurricular activities, etc; or any school activity.

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Please inform me with a doctor’s statement if your child has a sling, cast, crutches, heart monitor, etc. for any reason. If your child needs to use the elevator during school hours, your doctor must fill out the elevator permission form available on the Medical FormsLink.


If there are any changes in the address or phone number (home, cell or work) for your child or with the emergency contact persons, notify the school main office immediately so that we can update our records.  Anytime your child has a physical exam and receives any shots, please send information in to keep their records current.  If you have any medical concerns about your child, please call the school office.

School Nurse

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