Elementary (Grades K-5)


St. Anthony of Padua School is accredited by the Virginia Catholic Education Association (VCEA) whose accreditation process has been approved by the Virginia Council for Private Education Committee on Accreditation and authorized by the Virginia State Board of Education. Our curriculum is based on guidelines created by the Arlington Diocese for all Catholic elementary schools.

A variety of strategies and projects are used to teach academic subjects. These include: analyzing, writing, memorizing, performing, summarizing, sequencing, interpreting, and critical thinking. Special activities include: creating stories, poems, book reports, essays, recitations, dramatizations, and dioramas.

Specialized instructors in art, music, library, computers, Spanish and physical education supplement instruction by classroom teachers. Technology integration is achieved through project-based learning which is incorporated in the academic curriculum.

In language arts, students progress from basic writing skills to full expression, from the ability to read to a love of reading. They receive continuing instruction in grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation and are also exposed to increasingly challenging literature in a full range of writing styles, topics and cultures.

In math, students develop number sense beginning with an emphasis on basic math facts. Manipulatives are used in mathematics to facilitate concept development and logistical reasoning and to apply mathematics to problem-solving. Grade by grade, students’ knowledge and skills become more sophisticated.

The following core subjects are taught to students of all grades:

  • Religion – taught as a subject and incorporated throughout the curriculum. Areas of concentration include: love of God, Catholic doctrine, prayers, Holy Days, Mass and prayer services
  • Reading/Language Arts – literature and phonics-based reading, concentrating on vocabulary and skills necessary to read, comprehend, write and speak effectively
  • Mathematics – basic concepts and strategies, probability, estimation, problem-solving and preparation for standardized testing
  • Social Studies – history, geography, government, economics, cultural studies, holidays and patriotic symbols/landmarks
  • Science – experimenting, observing, classifying and making conclusions on a variety of topics
  • Spanish – introduction to the Spanish language and culture
  • Enrichment Classes – Technology, Physical Education, Art, Library, and Music
  • Special Activities – Poetry Contest, Art Fair, Night of the Arts, Field Trips, Wax Museum, Exploration of Jamestown