Middle School (Grades 6-8)


Students in grades six through eight learn in a departmentalized setting taught by teachers who specialize in particular subject areas. A cross curricula team approach is used in our middle school program. Students learn time management skills, note-taking skills, gain self-confidence and ultimately are prepared in every way for quality high schools. In middle school, students move to separate classes for instruction by subject specialists. Middle school students continue to pursue accelerated curricula in math, science (laboratory courses) and English. Special events include a Diocesan Science and Technology Fair and Ellis Island simulation. Technology integration is achieved through project-based learning. All middle school teachers also have Activboards in the classroom.

In language arts, students learn to apply and refine writing, critical thinking and analytic skills across academic studies. They also write original stories, poems and essays. Social sciences are studied in year-long themes: American history in fifth grade, world culture and geography in sixth, world history in seventh and American government and the Constitution in eighth.

  • Advanced classes are offered in math (Pre¬algebra, algebra, geometry), science and literature.
  • Our language arts curriculum includes a class in literature, which is coordinated with our history curriculum and English (grammar and vocabulary).
  • Spanish is an academic subject in grades 6-8, with the opportunity to test into Spanish II in high school.
  • Science includes labs and science fair projects.
  • Religion is an academic subject, students attend weekly Mass.
  • Students learn research skills and write research reports.
  • Enrichment classes, called Specials, include art, computer technology, music, health, and physical education.