Why Choose St. Anthony School?

We understand that you have many options for the education of your children, and are pleased that you are considering St. Anthony of Padua School among them. You can read about many of the successes our strong academic and sports programs have had in the Academics section, but here is what really sets our school apart:

St. Anthony School is about growing in knowledge and grace. That means, first of all, we are an academic community. Our school is a place where students are provided a sound foundation in the basics, where they are introduced to the arts and sciences, and where they learn the skills necessary for critical thinking in a changing world. We have a talented and dedicated faculty singularly focused on the achievement of our students. Their performance on standardized tests, individual academic achievements, and competitive high school entrance results are evidence of the success of these efforts. Expanded programs in science, computers and foreign language are examples of our commitment to continuous improvement in academics.

But more than that, St. Anthony School is a faith community. It is a place where the Christian story and values are communicated to future generations; a place where a love of peace and justice is nourished in the classroom; and a place where the Christian disciplines are lived in word and action. Formalized religious instruction and moral values are not only taught but shown by example. Along with daily prayer and weekly liturgies, special service projects and activities all contribute to the development of the student as an individual and member of the larger community.

Likewise, St. Anthony School is a family community. It is a place where all are welcomed, where the gifts of each person are appreciated, and where the needs of families for extended day and camp programs are met. Our campus is in a location convenient not only to all of the Northern Virginia suburbs, but downtown Washington as well. We strive to serve the needs of your children from kindergarten through eighth grade. In that endeavor, we have always been fortunate to have the active participation and involvement of our committed parents.

Finally, St. Anthony School is an international community. It is a place where the richness and diversity of different cultures are appreciated and accepted, where children learn that all people are blessed by God and deserving of respect; and where parents and families celebrate the beauty of different cultures.