Why online giving can be better…

Enrolling in Faith Direct allows you to continue your offertory gifts regardless of weather hazards, travel or other reasons.

You may visit our parish page at Faith Direct for more information or to securely enroll online.  Many parishioners in our diocese now take advantage of this easy way to share their blessings with our Parish.   You can also direct special gifts to our Annual Appeal, Scholarships or whatever you wish to specifically support.

Faith Direct is safe, easy and eco-friendly.  Pope Francis has encouraged us to take better care of our environment; paperless giving is one way to do so and is a win-win situation for everybody.  Your generosity continues uninterrupted, bookkeeping is easier for the Parish and less paper and waste is produced.

Faith Direct logoeGiving with Faith Direct for St. Anthony of Padua


If you prefer to enroll in-person then please stop by the parish office…

If you are uncomfortable with computers you may download the Electronic Giving form below, or come to the parish office and enroll in-person with the help of our staff.

Complete the enrollment form at the Parish Office, or at home and mail it to the Parish Office at:

St. Anthony of Padua Parish
3305 Glen Carlyn Road
Falls Church, VA 22041

Autorización para donar con tarjeta de Credito o a travez de cuenta bancaria

Si desea participar en este programa, favor de bajar la forma siguiente:

Favor de llenar la forma detalladamente y entreguela en la Oficina Parroquial o en la Caja de Formas Parroquiales dentro de la Iglesia.  Tambien la puede enviar por correo a:

St. Anthony of Padua Parish
3305 Glen Carlyn Road
Falls Church, VA 22041