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Parish Services

Below you will see the available services and service ministries.  Some services are offered in both English and Spanish.  Please contact the service ministry POC (Point of Contact) for specific information.  The contact information along with dates and times have also been included when provided by the service ministry POC.


The sacraments are ‘of the church’ and ‘for the church.’ They are signs of grace given to us through the work of the Holy Spirit.  Their purpose is to sanctify, to build up the Body of Christ, and to give worship to God.  (Adapted CC#1123)

Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession)

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Ages 0 months – 6 years:

Pre-baptismal catechesis for Parents/Godparents is required.  Classes in English are scheduled on the second Saturday of January, March, May, July, September, and November at 11 am in Room 1, in the parish office.  Pre-registration is required for the class.

Baptisms in English are usually held on the second Sunday of every month at 9:30 am in the Church (immediately following the 8:30 Mass).

Children who have reached the age of seven must attend religious education classes before being baptized.  Godparents should be at least 16 years old; they should be Catholics who have been baptized, confirmed and received the Eucharist, and who practice their faith (e.g., they go to Mass on Sundays, and are either single or if married, they must be married in the Church).  A non-Catholic Christian may only be a witness to the Baptism, as long as there is a Catholic sponsor.  If parents wish their child to be baptized, it is assumed that their faith is important to them, and that they themselves are practicing their faith, in other words, that they have been baptized, confirmed, and that they have received the Eucharist, and go to Mass on Sundays, and are either single or married in the Church.

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Usted tiene que estar registrado en Iglesia Católica San Antonio de Padua

Los padres y padrinos del niño que se va a bautizar tienen que assistir una charla prebautismal de unos 2 horas.  Las charlas se tienen el primer y el tercer sábado del mes a las 10:00 AM en punto en el salón 17 de la escuela.  NO SE PUEDEN LLEVAR NIÑOS A LA CLASE. Si llevan niños a la clase, se les pedirá que regresen otro mes sin niños.  Si llegan tarde a la clase, también se les pedirá que regresen otro día.

Los Bautizos se hacen el segundo y el cuarto sábado del mes a las 10:00 AM en punto en el templo.

Si el niño ha cumplido siete años de edad, tiene que pasar por las clases de catequesis antes de bautizarse.  Los padrinos deben teneral menos 16 años, deben ser católicos que han sido bautizados, confirmados y haber recibido la Eucaristía, y que practican su fe (e.g., van a Misa los domingos, y son o solteros, o casados por la Iglesia).  Un cristiano no católico sólo puede participar como testigo del bautismo, siempre y cuando haya un padrino católico (o madrina católica).  Si los padres quieren que su hijo se bautice, se supone quesu fe es importante para ellos, y que ellos mismos están practicando su fe, o sea, que están bautizados, confirmados y que han recibido la Eucaristía, y que van a Misa los domingos, y que están casados por la Iglesia.

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St. Anthony offers a one-year Sacramental Preparation Program for both adults and children wishing to receive the Sacrament of First Communion or Confirmation.

For children, First Communion Preparation begins in second grade and Confirmation Preparation in 8th Grade.  Classes are held on Thursday Nights in English and Bilingual Classes (English/Spanish) are offered Monday Nights. For more information about our program or if you wish to register your child, click here.

Adult First Communion and Confirmation Classes are held on Monday nights from 7:00p.m.-9: 00 pm in English and on Sundays from 11:00 am -12:30 pm in Spanish. If you would like more information about our Adult Sacramental Classes or to register, please contact us at 703-820-7111, ext. 136 or at


Preparation must begin at least six months in advance of the wedding. Pre-Cana instruction is required. For more information call 703-820-7111.

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Sick and Infirm

Please notify the Parish Office (703-820-7111) or the Parish Nurse, Virginia Mullin, of those sick at home or in hospitals. 703-820-7111, ext. 116.

Service Ministries

Annandale Christian Community for Action

Christ House / Casa de Cristo

Domestic Violence

Respect for Life Committee/ Comite de Pro-Vida

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