Music Ministries

Music is such a powerful tool that can be used to evangelize, lift our spirits and draw people closer to God and His Church. We all know how inspiring it is to hear a beautiful choir during Mass or a contemporary youth group so full of the spirit participating in the Liturgy. At St. Anthony of Padua, we are lucky to have a number of diverse choirs that provide music for Sunday and Holy Day Masses.

St. Anthony Parish Choirs

Mass Choir
5:15 pm Sabado Misa de español
7:00 pm Saturday English Youth Choir (Ages 8 and above)
8:30 am Sunday Adult English  Choir  (Teens & Adults)
11:00 am Sunday Modern / Contemporary Choir (Teens & Adults)
1:00 pm Domingo Coro Abierto a todos – español
 3:30 pm Domingo Coro Camino de Jesús – Español (el primer y el tercer domingo de la mes)
Coro Abierto a todos – Español
5:30 pm Sunday Jesus My Friend Contemporary Filipino Choir (Teens & Adults)








Music for Weddings, Quinceañeros, and Funerals
Music for weddings, quinceañeros, and funerals are arranged and/or approved by the Pastor.  For more information, please contact our Parish Music Director, Andre Toussaint via or 860-716-8068.