Lectors proclaim the scriptures to the assembled faith community in such a way that the power inherent in God’s Word is revealed. The Word becomes flesh and dwells among us when the Lector removes it from the printed pages and enables it to live anew. The process of preparing to proclaim the word of God entails a time commitment, which is also of great spiritual benefit for the Lector.

Parishioners willing to volunteer to be Lectors are always needed.  For more information, see the Contacts below or call the Parish Office (703-820-7111). Weekend liturgies have formal schedules planned in advance. Weekdays may be volunteered according to personal activity.


EJ Dvorscak
703-979-3750 Home
703-615-8808 Mobile
Email: pava316@aol.com
Jose Reyes
Email:  jdreyesrubio@hotmail.com