Youth Group Volunteers


Adult volunteers – Volunteering with youth ministry can take many forms. To get an idea of what adult volunteers are currently doing here are some examples:

  • Co-leaders of various small faith sharing groups for guys or girls – Leaders prepare talks about various faith topics, share testimonies about their own faith journey, lead opening and closing prayer, as well as the reading of the gospel. Sometimes these groups do outside activities too.
  • Volunteer team for youth groups – Youth group is a bit larger than a small group, and more active. Volunteers may lead games or icebreakers, lead discussions, or head up a discussion with a smaller group of teens. They also help with the various administrative details of youth group–snack, handouts, etc.
  • Service project leaders – Adults are needed to help drive and supervise youth at our various service projects. Anyone with ideas for good service projects is always welcome to approach the Youth Ministry office with an idea as well, especially if you are willing to head up the project yourself!
  • WorkCamp “stakeholder” – This person is in charge of our parish contingent of youth who are participating in the Diocese of Arlington’s WorkCamp for High School students.
  • WorkCamp “handypeople” – These people–skilled in various home repair jobs–assist the youth who repair homes for the poor and elderly as a part of summer WorkCamp.
  • Chaperones or drivers – Always needed for any big activity!
  • And more …

Please email the Office of Youth Ministry or call 703-820-7111 if you’d like to share your faith and your time with the youth of St. Anthony.