Volunteer Opportunities



Religious Education Volunteer Catechists at St. Anthony of Padua needed for 2021-22 school year. Catechists proclaim Christ’s message and help students apply it to their lives. They teach in accordance with the Magisterium; the fullness of Truth contained in the Catholic Church. Catechists are expected to facilitate 30 Sessions over the course of the school year, spend a sufficient amount of time each week preparing for each class and attend class celebrations (i.e. Mass, Communal Reconciliation, Christmas Parties etc.). Catechists are expected to develop their spiritual life and intellectual life by attending religious education workshops, retreats and other continuing education programs. Those interested should send an email to re@stanthonyparish.org


Unpaid internship at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church: Religious Education Office Intern: Up to 5 hrs/wk on Sunday mornings during school year. Desired Skills: understanding of a religious education office, secretarial skills, and willingness to learn. Duties/Tasks: DRE will provide meaningful office experience, including: data entry, office administration, program coordination, ordering/resource management, financial advice, curriculum management, writing/editing Policy and Procedure and other, to facilitate the needs/wants of the intern. Must be able to handle confidential information. Those interested should send an email to re@stanthonyparish.org