FORMATION – A lifelong journey Christ calls us to

A Note from the Pastor

Why should we join in the work of a journey to continue faith formation?

Never before has the secular world and its popular culture been a greater part of the formation of our community’s value systems; never before have our children faced a greater challenge to their faith than today.

It is the true Catholic spiritual formation of every one of us that battles this darkness; it is the responsibility of each and every follower of Christ to continue this journey of formation and share it with the world we live in.

Jesus came to his disciples and said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the ages.” Mt. 28:19-20 It is this teaching of Jesus that asks us to live a life of formation in the faith. The Second Vatican Council affirmed the importance of formation for the future of our church; echoing Christ’s teaching in Lumen Gentium and Gravissumum Educationis.

Today, the Augustine Institute which serves the formation of Catholics for the New Evangelization in both academic and parish programs equips Catholics to renew the Church and transform the world for Christ. They created FORMED as an online resource to provide a faithful Catholic journey of formation, it is enormous, it is online and it is free to all St. Anthony parishioners.  

I implore you to take this faith journey that Christ calls us to, and share it. Visit FORMED online and explore the resources, take three minutes to hear an inspired Scott Hahn tell the story of how attending his first Catholic Mass led to his conversion. Let your faith be inspired by a good, wholesome and faithful Catholic online experience.

FORMED is available to everyone in the parish. To access the site go to click on the box that says Enter the Code. Then enter our parish Log in code:  ZQNQN2