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Jesus is Alive Ministry wants to evangelize every person, by presenting a Risen Christ, so their lives might be transformed into witnesses and carriers of the Good News as good Catholics following the teachings and traditions of our Holy Mother the Church. We form evangelists through courses, we spread the Word of God by using the media and organizing massive evangelization events.  The ministry is founded in April 2003.

The Catholic School of Evangelization (EESA) conducts formation courses to help Catholic parishes to become EVANGELISING PARISHES.

Parishes where Jesus is worshipped by a community of committed disciples who seek to follow Jesus and to use their gifts and talents to love each other and bring the Good News of Jesus to their part of the world.

The Catholic School of Evangelization seeks to respond to the call of Pope John Paul II for a New Evangelizations within the Catholic Church. Our basic aim is to train all Catholics how to evangelize as Pope John Paul II said, “No believer in Christ, no institution, can avoid this supreme duty; to proclaim Christ to all peoples.”

The Catholic School of Evangelization responds to this call by offering a number of formation courses which aim to teach participants: the importance of relationship with Jesus; to be open to the guidance and gifts of the Holy Spirit and the value of being part of small Christian communities.

Our Vision & Mission

Parishes Renewed with a Mission Mentality.

The Catholic School of Evangelization shares the vision of the Catholic Church as an evangelizing Church. We seek to make this a reality by providing training to develop a mission mentality within Catholic parishes.

Our Mission

The Catholic School of Evangelization will contribute to the development of a mission mentality within Parishes by offering a formation programmed which:

FORMS DISCIPLES (Touches the heart)
Catholics with a passion and heart to reach out to those who don’t know Jesus. Catholics who experience the love of the Father for his prodigal children.

TRAINS EVANGELIZERS (Provides the skills)
Helping Catholics to develop the skills and confidence to evangelize. Focusing completely on Jesus (his incarnation, death, resurrection and glorification).

To establish the structure necessary to allow the Holy Spirit to move with power to enable Catholics to evangelize as part of a parish family.

Parish Evangelization

While courses are conducted with different groups as requested the major focus of the School is on parish evangelization through the Parish Evangelization Formation Program (PEFP).

Parish Evangelization Formation Program

The PEFP is an intense program conducted in a parish over approximately two years with the aim of establishing a Parish Evangelization Community (PEC). This PEC would have the aim of helping the parish to develop a mission mentality so that all aspects of parish life, and the life of each parishioner, would have a missionary focus. This does not necessarily involve doing anything new in the parish but of co-coordinating what is already happening within this missionary vision.

Establishing a Parish Evangelization Community

There are four steps to establishing a PEC.

Identify a group of parishioners who are interested in what the School has to offer.

A visiting Team comes into the Parish to conduct the basic courses (New Life, John the Beloved, and other courses appropriate to the needs of the Parish) for this group and any other interested parishioners.

As the courses are presented a Parish Evangelization Community develops from the course participants. This PEC consists of a core of parishioners who share a vision for and commitment to active parish evangelization.

This PEC then continues to conduct evangelization outreach within the parish and is trained to conduct the courses for other parishioners. The Sponsor School provides ongoing support and oversees the integrity of the course content.


Evangelization with the Holy Spirit

These Parish Evangelization Communities would, through the power of the Holy Spirit, gradually change the mentality of a parish so that evangelization would be an integral part of everything a parish does. Every parishioner would live evangelization as a natural part of being a disciple. The parish would reach out to those who don’t know Jesus as each parishioner uses his/her gifts to evangelize in their own environment, in their own particular style within an evangelizing community.


Formation Program


We use two modalities to establish firm roots:
Permanent schools with roots in over 60 countries in five continents. Itinerant service teams ready to travel to any country to establish new schools. We are actually ready to offer courses in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Polish, Hungarian and Portuguese.

First Level: School of Evangelization with three stages:

  • Fundamental Stage: Offers the foundation for a Christian life (7 courses).
  • Growth Stage: Training to fulfill the mission to be an evangelizer (7 courses).
  • Complementary Stage: Tools to form evangelizers (7 courses).

 Second Level: The Manual “Compass” and the courses “Barnabus” and “Andrew”.

  • Mold the person to fulfill the evangelizing mission within the frame of the San Andres Schools of Evangelization.
  • Train the pastoral agent:
    • Service Teams
    • Formation Program Teachers
    • School Directors.

 Third Level: SAIS (San Andres International Seminar)
Annual National seminars and a International Seminar every three years.

  • The Formation Plan includes several interrelated programs that make up a formation system:
    • Biblical Program: Study of our faith from its original source: The Word of God.
    • Historical Program: Study of its development within the people of Israel and the Church.
    • Pastoral Program: Respond to today’s world and build a civilization of love.


Linking and combining the different elements for the integral formation of the person.
The School of Evangelization is like the mustard seed of the Gospel: it starts out small, but when it grows the birds can build their nests on it.

Three Levels

The Program is divided into three levels, each with seven courses:

Fundamentals of the Christian Life

  1. New Life: Fundamental Evangelization.
  2. Emmaus: The Word of God.
  3. John: Formation of Disciples.
  4. Jesus In the Four Gospels.
  5. History of Salvation: Our own history.
  6. Moses: Formation of liberators.
  7. Blessed are you: The road to happiness.

How to Evangelize

  1. Paul: Forming Evangelizers.
  2. Dynamis: Evangelizing with great power.
  3. Timothy: How to read, highlight and memorize the Bible.
  4. Paul’s Secret.
  5. Apollo: Formation of proclaimers.
  6. Damascus
  7. Mary: Christ’s letter.

How to form evangelizers

  1. Maranatha: Apocalypse.
  2. Peter: Ecclesiology.
  3. Introduction to the Bible.
  4. Luke: Apologetics
  5. Biblical Theology.
  6. Melchizedek: Liturgy.
  7. Ecumenism

El ministerio “Jesús está Vivo” evangelizar a toda persona presentando a Cristo Vivo, para que sus vidas sean trasformadas y6 se convierta en tesetigos y portadores de la Buena Nueva como buenos Cristianos Católicos siguiendo las ensenanzas y tradiciones de nuestra Sta. Madre Iglesia. El objerive principal es de formar evangelizadores a través de cursos de formación y difundir la Palabra de Dios, usando los medios de comunicacion y evangelizando a traves de eventos masivcs Reuniones semanales todos los Miercoles de 7:15pm a 9:30pm en la Cafeteria de la Escuela y Reunion mensuales el primero Sabado de cada mes a 7:00pm en el Gimnasio. Radio Jesus esta Vivo: en 1120AM (New World Radio) Martes (Tuesdays) 4:00 – 6:00pm y Miercoles (Wednesday) 8:00 – 9:00am

Weekly meetings (in Spanish) Wednesday at 7:15pm, Room: Cafeteria
Monthly meetings (in Spanish) first Saturdays at 7:00 pm at the Gym

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