Shekinah Youth Multicultural Dance Ministry

St Anthony of Padua Youth Dance Ministry – Ministerio Juvenil de Danza de la Parroquia de San Antonio

The Shekinah Youth Dance Ministry of Saint Anthony Catholic Church is a young adult group which proclaims and exalts the name of God through spiritual dance. Inspired and moved by the immense and unconditional love of God through the Holy Spirit they worship our Lord through dance. The group is called Shekinah, a Hebrew word that symbolizes the presence, light and radiance of God.

danza cindy leyendoEach one of us individually has experienced a personal encounter with God, where we have felt His love, seen His wonders and experienced a deep spiritual encounter with the Lord. We use dance as another way to give worship and praise to God.

This ministry is a form of prayer through creative movement. Liturgical dancers seek to invoke the power and presence of the Holy Spirit to visually proclaim God’s presence within and among us. It is not a performance but an invitation for all in the assembly to go deeper into the music or the Word. With his or her whole being, the dancer seeks to carry and lift the prayers in our hearts.

Dance is a powerful path of prayer. By dancing before the Lord,our souls become free and heeled as we contemplate his holy presence and majesty. Spiritual Dance involves the complete fulfillment of the heart with joyfulness, rejoice, happiness, peace and love.Trhough our dance, we experience the love of God and we spread and share that unique love with those around us.

Mission & Vision for Dance Ministry

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The mission of Shekinah is to dance in the presence of God and, by means of our praise through dance, to lift up our brothers and sisters in that same praise. Faithfully we believe that spiritual dance serves as a path of prayer and hope that it will inspire others to worship of our loving God as well.

The Dance Ministry meets primarily to rehearse dances for major feast days and special occasions in the church calendar. This typically involves a commitment of 3 or 4 sessions of preparation, as well as participation in the liturgy. Each session includes a gentle warm-up, and engagement with the material according to the dancer’s level of training. All ages are welcome. From time to time an open workshop on the spirituality of dance as a liturgical/meditative practice is offered. We would like to see this ministry expand, and welcomes new members and visions.

The vision for ministering to our parish includes:

  • Foster a safe, welcoming atmosphere to all youth, regardless of ethnicity, language or socioeconomic status, and their families at the parish.
  • Incorporate young people into the life and mission of the Roman Catholic Church and the local parish community through dance.
  • Provide direct opportunities for catechesis and formation through meetings.
  • Train any parishioners to dance and uplift by being the person of Christ to all through action and word, especially through dance.

What’s Up?!

The focus of youth ministry is not necessarily placed solely on events or meetings. Rather, events and meetings are meant to enrich the true goal of youth ministry: building up the faith and the personal relationship with Christ and sharing the fullness of the Church with others. All people are welcomed to attend any programming:

  • Dance Ministry Meetings will be announced in the near future – (for anyone ages 6-35)
  • Retreats & Praise and Worship Opportunities
  • An Informational Meeting is going to be scheduled SOON. Please check back!
  • Meeting Schedule on Sundays, 3:30 p.m. – 5 p.m. (for any member of the ministry)
  • Visit to our local nursing homes
  • Spring Retreat (will take place on Saturday, April 14, 2012. Please contact Cindy for more information!)

What Do I Need to Know to Join?

  • Aspirants must either have received the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation) or be in the process of receiving them.
  • Participate faithfully in Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation
  • Be an active member of the parish community.
  • Be willing to work and learn as part of a team with integrity and respect.
  • Have the responsibility to fulfill the responsibilities of being part of the ministry including attending practices, presentations and group activities when possible.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the coordinators.

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Ms. Cindy Amador [571-225-8475 or]
Ms. Maritza Lafuente-Villarroel [703-901-9798 or]