Young Adults Group

St. Anthony Young Adult Ministry Mission Statement: The St. Anthony Young Adult Ministry provides a nurturing space for those in their 20s and 30s to share their faith journey. This group opens the doors of the Church for those seeking to encounter Christ alongside fellow Young Adults. We value respect, inclusion, faith, and an openness to God’s presence and message. Through bi monthly meetings and social events, we explore how the Catholic faith is reflected in our daily lives, and how we can become more sanctified.

What is your purpose in life? Today, many young adults are seeking to find the answer to this question through a secular lens, and oftentimes come to the realization that they truly do not know. Some try to find it in the pleasures of this world and are still left feeling unsatisfied. Staying active in your faith as a young adult is proving to be more and more difficult today. Our culture continues to persuade that one’s self-worth is found in productivity and in wealth, not in a relationship with Christ.

Finding purpose is a journey. In our Young Adult Group we journey together, it is OK to be uncertain, to question and to be a seeker.  Our ultimate purpose is found in the truth that we belong completely to Christ. When we know this then we can start using our gifts and passions to glorify Christ instead of ourselves. Choosing the good, true, and beautiful is a tall order as young Catholics, but when we place Jesus above everything else, peace flows from our hearts. Happiness replaces anxiety.

Stay involved and dare to be active in a Catholic faith community just for young adults. Developing your relationship with Christ, alongside other young adults, may help you to find a pathway to your true purpose. Let the Lord can transform your heart; aspire to be a vessel of Christ’s love.

As of March 12, 2020, meetings are cancelled due to the Coronavirus Restrictions.  The group meets on the first and third Thursday of the month after the 7:00 pm Mass in room 4 at the parish with social events planned on Wednesdays as well. The Young Adults coordinator is Irene Xenos,  You can also email our Youth Ministry Director James Armstrong,

However, Starting March 29th,  attend Mass together virtually! Missing community? Stay socially distant but spiritually close by joining your fellow Young Adults on Zoom at 11:00 a.m. each Sunday to participate in Mass together. Here is the link for the Zoom live stream every Sunday
click here.